Patient Complaints and Appeals

A Notice to Our Patients:

RiverBend Medical Group, Inc. is part of a provider organization that is certified as a “risk-bearing provider organization” (RBPO) by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance. An RBPO is a group of health care providers that work together to coordinate your care and enter into financial agreements with insurance companies to do so.

Under Massachusetts law, as a patient of an RBPO, you have the right to make a complaint and use an appeals process to resolve your complaint.  The RBPO will consider patient complaints about issues like referrals, timely access to treatment or services and other concerns about limitations of care, unless the complaint should be made to your health insurer instead.

You can contact our Patient Services Department to ask about this appeals process or to file a complaint.  You can choose a person (such as a spouse, family member, friend, attorney or legal guardian) to act as your representative to help you with your complaint.

You may file a complaint by contacting our Patient Services Department in the following ways:

  • To file a complaint by phone: (413) 598-7828
  • To file a complaint in writing:   
    Patient Services Department
    444 Montgomery Street
    Chicopee, MA 01020

We will give you a written answer to your complaint in fourteen (14) days. If your complaint involves urgent medical needs, we will give you a written answer in three (3) days.

For more information or questions, call our Patient Services Department at (413) 598-7828.

For more information on your right to make a complaint, contact the Massachusetts Office of Patient Protection at 800-436-7757.

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